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The Merion Press is an independent publisher of out-of-print works that were originally published over 75 years ago, but are enduring even today. We have initially concentrated on the classic detective stories of the 1920's, a time when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was still writing about the most popular literary detective of the 19th Century: Sherlock Holmes. There were such vehement protests against Doyle's having killed Holmes because he grew tired of him, that he had to revive him. The extreme popularity of Holmes stimulated others not only to produce works of detective fiction, but to refer to Holmes in their stories. It was right around the mid-20's that the genre was first recognized as an important literary form, and it is from that period that we draw upon our sources.

We hope you enjoy our selections. Please feel free to communicate with us at any time as we welcome your input and suggestions, especially let us know of any out-of-print books you would like to see republished. rstern@merionpress.com

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Inspector French's Greatest Case!

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The Viaduct Murder

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The Three Taps